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What's New With the Faculty

Dr. Philip Blosser

Dr. Philip Blosser, professor of philosophy, spoke on the HHS Mandate of the Obama Administration, Stand Up for Religious Freedom rally, St. Mary Mercy Hospital, Livonia, Ml, June 8. He published “The Western Legal Tradition: Its Contemporary Crisis, and Pauline Diagnosis,” St. Paul, The Natural Law, and Contemporary Legal Theory, (Lexington Books, 2012); “Undone by the ‘Permanent Workshop,'” a review of A Bitter Trial: Evelyn Waugh and John Carmel Cardinal Heenan on the Liturgical Changes, 3rd expanded edition, (lgnatius Press, 2011), New Oxford Review (June 2012). He reviewed Lessons from Aquinas: A Resolution of the Problem of Faith and Reason, by Creighton Rosental (Mercer University Press, 2011), in CHOICE: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries (July 2012); and Catholicism and Interreligious Dialogue, (Oxford University Press, 2012), in CHOICE: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries (May 2012).

David Conrad

David Conrad, part-time instructor, led a group from St. Aidan Parish on pilgrimage to Assisi, Florence, Orvieto and Rome, May 15-25. He led discussions on theological matters raised after viewing the films, “The Way” and “Monsignor Quixote” with parishioners of St. Aidan during their summer movie nights, July 18 and 25.

Dr. Patricia Cooney Hathaway

Dr. Patricia Cooney Hathaway, professor of spirituality and systematic theology, conducted a Women’s Day of Reflection, Gesu Parish, Toledo, OH, February 4, and conducted a parish mission, Christ the Good Shepherd Parish, February 27 and 28. She presented: “Sexuality and the Spiritual Life,” MAPS Formation Session, March 17; “A Spirituality for the Second Half of Life,” Women of Prayer Group, Mary Reparatrix Retreat Center, March 23; “Weaving Faith and Experience: A Women’s Perspective,” Holy Family Parish, March 24; “The Journey of Conversion in the Life of Bishop Oscar Romero,” Spring Lecture Series, Corpus Christi University Parish, April 10; a series of talks, “Still Too Busy for God: An In-Depth Portrait of Martha and Mary,” Parish Nurse Retreat, April 20; “A Spirituality of the Beatitudes,” monthly enrichment session for staff, Sacred Heart Major Seminary, April 22; “Future Church: Ten Trends that are Revolutionizing the Catholic Church,” St. Hugo of the Hills Parish, May 14. She attended the conference, Vatican II: A Universal Call to Holiness, Sacred Heart University, Fairfield CT, April 23-24.

Dr. Eduardo Echeverria

Dr. Eduardo Echeverria, professor of philosophy and theology, presented: “Berkouwer and Catholicism, Disputed Questions,” Blackfriars Hall, Oxford University, March 1; a seminar on Theology of the Body, Holy Ghost Parish, London, United Kingdom, March 3; “Cultural Discipleship and the New Evangelization,” St. Patrick School of Evangelization, London, United Kingdom, March 6; Annual Theology of the Body Lecture, Archdiocese of Westminster, London, United Kingdom, March 7; “Theologian of the Great Tradition: John Paul II and the Theology of the Body,” three-week course, Aquinas College, Grand Rapids, Ml, June 11-July 3; “Conscience and Public Life,” Fortnight of Freedom, St. Isidore Parish, Grand Rapids, Ml, July 3. He published “Lumen Gentium 16: Anonymous Christians, Pelagianism and Islam,” Pro Rege, 41, March 2012.

Dr. Robert Fastiggi

Dr. Robert Fastiggi, professor of systematic theology, co-edited the Latin-English edition of Enchiridion Symbolorum: A Compendium of Creeds, Definitions, and Declarations of the Catholic Church, 43rd ed. edited by Heinrich Denzinger and Peter Hünermann (Ignatius Press, 2012). This is the first English translation of Denzinger published since 1957. He co-edited St. Paul, the Natural Law, and Contemporary Legal Theory (Lexington Books, 2012); published “Rosmini’s Understanding of Rights in the Church, the Family, and Civil Society,” Ave Maria Law Review, Vol. 10 No. 2 (Spring, 2012); and “Paul VI and the Smoke of Satan Forty Years,” Latin Mass (Summer 2012). He spoke on “Catholic Doctrines about Mary,” TRC Group, St. Albert the Great Parish, Dearborn Heights, Ml, May 20; gave a paper on “The Rise and Fall of the Army of Mary,” sixty-third annual meeting of the Mariological Society of America (MSA), Mt. Angel Seminary, St. Benedict, Oregon, May 23-25 (he was elected vice president of the MSA for 2012-2014); and spoke on “Conscience and Catholic Moral Theology,” annual conference for priests sponsored by the Religious Sisters of Mercy, Alma, MI, June 6-7.

Dr. Mary Healy

Dr. Mary Healy, associate professor of Sacred Scripture, gave a clergy conference on “Reading the Gospel of Mark from the Heart of the Church,” Diocese of Bismarck, April 16-18; a women’s retreat, Halifax, Nova Scotia, April 20-22; a workshop on Scripture for Catholic high school teachers, Diocese of Cleveland, May 7 and 16; and spoke at the Stand Up for Religious Freedom Rally, Detroit, MI, June 8. She presented: “Anointed Preaching and Deliverance from Evil,” Festival of Preaching, Seminary of the Immaculate Conception, Huntington, NY, June 5; “Can We Trust the New Testament?”, Heart to Heart Apostolate, Ann Arbor, MI, April 26, and Theology on Tap, Plymouth, Ml, June 21; “The Biblical Roots of the New Evangelization,” Language and Catechetical Institute, Gaming, Austria, June 17; and “Verbum Domini and the New Evangelization,” Catholic Biblical Association of America, University of Notre Dame, July 28-31. She published “Aquinas’s Use of the Old Testament in his Commentary on Romans,” Reading Romans with St. Thomas Aquinas; “St. Paul, Ephesians 5 and Same-Sex Marriage,” St. Paul, Natural Law and Contemporary Legal Theory. Her book Men and Women Are from Eden: A Study Guide to John Paul II’s Theology of the Body was published in Chinese by the Hong Kong Catholic Marriage Advisory Council, and in German by Miriam-Verlag.